Please note: This is a non-authoritative English translation of the original German-language text.
The German original shall apply in the event of any doubt.

Terms of Use

  • The user gets access to a separate area, called in the following account, which has to be protected by a password.
  • The account may only be used by the library user with a valid library or reading room card, to be used personally. Use by other persons or the passing on of the password is not permitted.
  • When the validity of the library card expires, the Wi-Fi access automatically expires.
  • The use is initially limited to http (Word Wide Web).
  • Commercial use of the network or data obtained from the network is prohibited.
  • Technical defects, unintentionally received information or identified security vulnerability must be reported to the Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut (Ibero-American Institute, IAI).
  • Any misuse of the network must be ruled out. In particular applies:
    • The use of the services is abusive if the user's behavior violates the relevant protective regulations (including the Penal Code, the Youth Protection Act, the Data Protection Law).
    • Due to their expertise, users of the communications services must be aware of the particular criminal relevance, for example, of computer crime, the distribution of pornographic images and writings or the theft, alteration or other manipulation of or to data and programs. This expertise also applies to the sensitivity of the transfer of data that is likely to compromise the privacy of others and to infringe existing copyrights or licenses based thereon.
    • Abuse is also to be designated as a use which fulfills the following not conclusively stated constellations of facts:
      • unauthorized access to data and programs, i.e. unauthorized access to information and resources of other authorized users due to lack of consent.
      • Destruction of data and programs, i.e. falsification and / or destruction of information of other users - in particular by "infection" with computer viruses.
      • Network obstruction, i.e. disability and / or disruption of the network operation or other network-participating users, e.g. by unsecured experimentation in the network, such as by attempts to "crack" passwords, unannounced and / or unfounded massive load on the network to the detriment of other users or third parties.
  • Violations of the points mentioned in 2, 3 and 4 to 7 are punishable by exclusion from library use (see also §26 Terms of Usage of the Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut)
  • The IAI is entitled to inspect all data on the account in case of malfunction or suspected abuse.
  • The IAI does not guarantee that its services are always available and error-free. There is no guarantee for a correct and timely mail delivery.
  • Disclaimer: The IAI assumes no liability for:
    • Damage caused to private computers within the premises of the IAI. This includes damages and consequential damages caused by (possibly erroneous) advice and assistance of employees or by installation and configuration of software provided by the IAI. In particular, the IAI is not liable for files and system settings that are deleted or modified, for viruses, trojans, worms and other malicious programs that may infest the private computer. Furthermore, the IAI is not liable for typos made by its employees, hardware damage and theft, and destruction of data and programs, in particular by "infection" with computer viruses
    • Material and immaterial damage caused by access to open resources (e.g., shared directories) on private computers connected to the Wi-Fi. Examples include infection with computer viruses and spying or destruction of private data.
  • The house rules do not replace the validity of the Terms of Usage of the Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut.


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